The Mysterious Visitor

When Mia comes back to Centopia, she finds that everything is peaceful and harmonious. The only problem is Phuddle inventing a lawn sprinkler that floods the whole palace with water.

Mia and Me – Happy Valentine Video

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is a celebration observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it is not a public holiday in most of them.

Watch Mia and Me Volume 2 (English Version)

  Watch Mia and Me Volume 2     1. The Wizened Woods Mia and the elves search for a piece of the Trumptus in the forest. They soon find that the eerie voices in the woods are not what they seem to be — and that Panthea has her […]

Watch Mia and Me Volume 1 (English Version)

  Watch Mia and Me Volume 1     1. Talking to Unicorns Mia makes friends with Centopia’s royalty and discovers she possesses a unique skill: talking to Unicorns. Soon she is going to clash with general Gargona and her unicorn-hunting army. 2. Centopia’s Hope In Centopia, Mia discovers Phuddle’s dissonant […]

Mia and Me – Kids Coloring Unicorn and Mia Edition – iOS App

Kids Coloring Unicorn and Mia Edition   Over 66 coloring pages here. Coloring pages Mia and Me for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school children to print and color. If your kids love Mia and Me, you’ll find a huge collection of free Mia and Me printables for all ages here […]

Mia and Me – Free the Unicorns – iOS App

              Mia and Me – Free the Unicorns   Life seems just perfect in the Elven Kingdom. But when the evil Gargona captures Mia’s friends, you have to help her save them! Join Mia and her best friend, the winged unicorn Onchao on this […]

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All Mia and Me Videos and Trailers

All available Mia and Me videos and trailers in one place.   [Youtube_Channel_Gallery user=”miaandme” maxitems=”28″ thumb_columns_phones=”2″ thumb_columns_tablets=”4″]   –

Mia and Me – The Legend of Centopia – iOS App

Will you help Mia the elf girl save the Kingdom of Centopia?                     Life in beautiful Centopia is threatened by the evil Queen Panthea – it’s your mission to stop her wicked plans and protect the happy life of Centopias Elves […]

Mia and Me Fan Magazin – July 2014

NEW! Your Mia and Me Magazine is here!   EXTRAS: Mia Lip Gloss + 44 Glitter Stickers   Your official fan magazine is here! Come with me in the magical world of Centopia. Discover the first images of the second season, and see the first exclusive story details in your […]

Mia and Me Fan Magazin – May 2014

Your official fan magazine! Come with me in the magical world of Centopia!   Oh no! Mia lost her memory! As you’ll now find only the next Trumptusteil? King Raynor has an idea and sends Mia, Yuko and Mo to the Cave of Truth. But the cave can be dangerous. […]